Within the framework of the largest merger in the history of German banking, the aim was to quickly provide employees of the former Dresdner Bank with information about the products, systems, and processes in the Mittelstandsbank of Commerzbank.  The pressure was enormous: the shut-down of the old system was imminent.

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Our idea was to put a practical tool directly into the hands of the new employees with which they could immediately begin to use: a Jumpstart folder. All departments supported the project and provided their necessary input within a very short time. We had a clear design and powerful images, summarized this information in a handy portfolio with great haptic. On time for the deadline, the folder made the 5,000 new employees of Commerzbank start easier. It was a huge success. To this day, the Jumpstart folder serves as a template for new materials.


Client: Commerzbank AG

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The cooperation of the Mascara Agency in the context of this project was one-of-a-kind. No one other than Ms. Soraya Müller would have managed, under this enormous pressure of time, to complete such a helpful, intelligent work of this quality. Hats off! If time is running out and you have the feeling that no agency can be bothered with your problem, then the Mascara Agency is exactly the right address for you!
— Bärbel Schwietzke-Klein • Project Manager, Learning & Development • Commerzbank AG