Communication for a change process.

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The Mittelstandsbank of Commerzbank wanted with the project COMET Branche to create new structures: We have accompanied the Change Management. In order for all employees concerned to accept and really live their new role within the company in a positive way, the 250 responsible managers were made change agents. Together with them and the project team, we have developed a uniform briefing for all departments, which translates the meaning and benefits of the process into a simple and positive narrative. To help executives effectively expand this philosophy, we have equipped them with a tool box for employee training. The project has begun with great success.


Client: Commerzbank AG

Creativity, quality, and speed: MASCARA is the right agency for our change communication.

When we decided on MASCARA, the project was in a hot phase for the purpose of planning rollout, and we were looking for a flexible and quick delivering agency for our change communication. Creative, sparkling with ideas, the corporate design of Commerzbank internalized, fast and flexibly, short distances and always with personal commitment and presence on site: So it was with the cooperation with Mrs. Müller. Quality and quick delivery, even short end adjustments were possible, and remarkable service achieved. And it’s still sustainabe: for example, the COMET Industry Pocket Guide is still in use today, and has been copied for other project rollouts because it is handy and easy to work with.
— Thomas Schmidt • Process Management Division Manager • Commerzbank
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