With "FastGoodFood," Sandwicher already set a gastronomic trend 15 years ago, and now many competitors have jumped on. However, the company has evolved. A comprehensive relaunch of the brand should stage "the original" in a contemporary way.

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Home-made, organic, regional, and above all else, fresh and tasty: Sandwicher spoils its guests with high-quality sandwiches, wraps, paninos, salads, and soups, all prepared by hand and with great attention to detail. It’s exactly these values that are reflected in the corporate design we developed, and which we have implemented in the branch facilities, various forms of media, and on the website. The new look not only caught the attention of existing customers, but also attracted new ones.


Client: Sandwicher Ltd

After 15 years branch operations and catering, it was time to redefine our business practices and positioning in the upscale fast-food market. We have opted for the MASCARA Agency as a partner, and with Mrs Müller and her team searched for new ways. Committed, creative, solution-oriented, and with very far-reaching knowledge of the catering trade system, Mrs. Müller has analysed our existing appearance and has compiled optimisation possibilities regarding product offerings, packaging, facility equipment, customer contact, and customer satisfaction. She has always placed special emphasis on the needs and potential of our company in the foreground, and has taken the necessary steps required. The first positive effects have already become apparent after only a short time in existing branch facilities. We have registered very positive customer impressions and significant sales growth. The catering and off-site business experienced an entirely new sales structure and a significant growth in new customers. We had to increase production and rebuild our logistics. Our goal, a reorientation without the loss of our current market competence and company philosophy, the Mascara Agency realized outstandingly. I would like to thank Ms Müller for her work so far, and I look forward to the further steps we will be taking together.
— Ludwik Kwapinski • Managing Director • Sandwicher Ltd
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