Sync People & Vision

New Positioning & Branding for a division of the Mittelstandsbank.

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Those who want most to be noticed by others must be aware of what their own strengths are: First, we have developed a common vision of the department in the team and visualized it as a real model. Subsequently, all activities were reviewed and adapted to the new positioning. In the launch phase, we finally reoriented all communication. The department has re-invented and positioned itself in a very short time with a new name and logo, new content, and new communication tools.


Client: Commerzbank AG

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For us, Mascara is the translator of complex facts through visually sophisticated designs and messages. The results are diversified in the form of qualification folders, internet pages, or reference works. Mascara succeeds over and over again, with innovative, creative images, always thought through and systematically prepared. A special strength of Mascara is its ability to extract the “essense” of hard to understand topics and translate them into sophisticated, well thought-out designs. Mascara has established itself as a competent, binding, and professional service provider, which we return to in time-critical issues.
— Alexandra Feix • Department Head of Learning & Development • Commerzbank AG
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